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Pwn2Own 2010

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Pwn2Own 2010 – A new hack has been affecting many Windows users who use the browser Firefox. The hack was created by a contestant on the illegal Pwn2Own Hacker Challenge.The individual who created the hack did so by exploiting a previously unknown problem in the source code of Firefox that allows him to take control of machines who are running Windows 7. It appears that the hack will only affect versions of windows that are running the 64 bit version. It was not immediately clear if Firefox had prior knowledge that the exploits existed. Some critics have stated that the man who created the hack is only helping the company to eliminate security flaws in their web browser.

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The man who created the hack is only known as Nils. He is 26 years old and heads up a security team at U.K.-based MWR InfoSecurity. He was also able to successfully hack several other browsers including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Opera, and he had planned on targeting Apple’s Safari, but a previous contestant had already successfully hacked the browser and it was not possible for Nils to give it a shot. Nils was not allowed to give away details about the exploit after the competition, and the individuals who run the tournaments have rights to all of the information that was used during the process of the tournament.

Nils had stated that he did have problems with some of the roadblocks that were put in place on Windows 7, but was ultimately able to work around the road blocks and successfully complete the exploit. It was not immediately clear if Mozilla has been contacted with the information that was gathered during the tournament, but it is expected that they will find out in the coming days at the very latest. Mozilla representatives have not commented on the situation as of yet.

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