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*Sponsored Links* is a website that sells luxury clothes made of Muskox.So what is Muskox you may ask?
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Qiviuk is the inner down of the Canadian Arctic Muskox. It is a fiber of exceptional quality. Noticeably softer and lighter than cashmere, and 8 times warmer than wool. The Muskox is one of the Arctic’s most valuable resources.
The muskox is a prehistoric animal, still alive and thriving today. Their survival through the last ice age was largely due to their remarkable coat. An outer layer (the guard hair sometimes as long as 24 inches) and inner layer, shield them from minus 50 degree C temperature. Because of their shaggy coats, muskoxen appear to be massive animals; in fact, they rarely grow more than chest high to a human. In May, when arctic temperature begins to rise, muskoxen shed their inner coats, and the tundra becomes littered the precious fleece.

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