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Queen On Facebook

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Facebook has become so popular that now there is a ‘British Monarchy’ page that users are able to ‘like’. The page was put up today at 8 AM, but it was announced yesterday. Of course, with this page you are not going to be able to connect with the Queen, or any other members of the royal family for that matter, but you are able to like the page, which is set to be hugely popular. There were many people this morning who were fighting to become the first person to like the page.

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Although it may seem like a strange idea, there are actually many good things about this idea. Firstly, you are able to see what the royal family are up to. This includes functions and events, and also places that members of the royal family will be visiting and when. As well as this you are able to comment on the page, which could potentially mean trouble.

It is not yet clear how popular the British Monarchy page on Facebook will be, but if we are going by the followers of the Monarchy on Twitter, which is over seventy thousand, then it is set to be a huge success. Not only is there a Twitter page, and a Facebook page, but there is also a Royal YouTube channel. Unfortunately, many people were fooled by a fake page that was released yesterday on Facebook.

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