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*Sponsored Links* – Florida residents are now able to get in on the growing trend of collecting their well deserved rebates for buying new energy efficient appliances. The website is and if you have been looking for that new addition to your home and you’re able to recycle your old appliances, there is going to be a rebate waiting for you. The only problem is that you have to act as fast as you can because thousands of people have already heard about the news. There is only so much money to go around and those that acted on the offer first are going to soak up all the money and it might be too late if you don’t hurry.

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This means you can finally get rid of all of your old appliances that were making your energy bills higher than they ever needed to be. There is plenty of money for everyone and if you buy more than one new energy efficient appliance for your home, you’re going to be saving double the money. There really hasn’t been a better time for Florida residents, this is the best offer out there. The website has been extremely busy today, as you might expect. As soon as things like this are announced the telephone lines are busy, the email support is non-responsive, but you just have to keep your goal on the prize. The program will be here to stay until April 25th but it’s recommended you act as soon as possible before the money is long gone. Reports are saying that the money is already close to half gone so it’s probably only going to last a few days. The Cash For Appliance program is offering an amazing 20 percent of rebates.

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