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RIAA Website Down – 4Chan DDoS Attacks

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RIAA Website Down – 4Chan DDoS Attacks – Following a number of attacks against the MPAA website by members of the website 4Chan, a community that is known for using web attacks to protest certain events, it now appears that the RIAA website is under attack as well. In an attack that has been dubbed as “Operation Payback,” members of the website have been targeting the websites in protest of their efforts to stop piracy of movies and music.
Their belief is that these things should be allowed to be shared freely on the web, and that these organizations should come up with some other way to monetize their content. The site brought the RIAA site down.

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The attackers use a program called LOIC, code named Low Orbit Ion Cannon, to send a massive amount of fake users to the websites. With a concentrated effort, and thousands of people running the bot program, the website will go over its bandwidth limit and will eventually go down.
The community has been more open with their efforts in this latest protest. Because when they post on the website, they do so as “anonymous,” previously most people tried to keep their identity secret, especially during website attacks. Now, members rally openly over social networking services to coordinate their efforts in order to make them more effective. It will be interesting to see how these sites respond to the attacks that were launched by the anonymous 4Chan group.

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