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Rick Sanchez Fired – Rick Sanchez CNN Twitter Account Not Updated

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Rick Sanchez Fired – Rick Sanchez CNN Twitter Account Not Updated – Rich Sanchez has been fired from CNN after he made a number of inappropriate comments during a recent radio show appearance. He was appearing on his radio talk show that is called “Rick’s List.” While on the program he called “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart a “bigot” and took shots at a number of other political analysts and news anchors.

Almost immediately after the comments took place, MSNBC analysts took to Twitter where he said that he expected that Sanchez would be fired for making the comments. CNN didn’t want to blow the incident out of proportion, but did decide to relieve Rick of his duties at the station.

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They wished him well in their goodbye statement and thanked him for his loyal service to the company. This was not the first time that Sanchez had made brash comments in a public forum and had been reprimanded for it. Once he even referred to President Barack Obama as “cotton-picking.”

CNN has not named a replacement for Sanchez, who quickly retracted his statement and corrected himself, instead calling Stewart “prejudiced.” He should have known better, really. After the previous problems that he has had with CNN and some of the comments that he has made on his program, he had to have known that he was walking on thin ice. It will be interesting to see where Sanchez goes next. FOX News would seemingly make a good home for the right winged political analysts, but there have been no reports of interest from FOX.

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