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Robots Heading To Japan

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Like something from a science fiction movie, actual robots are being sent to Japan with the ability to do search and rescue in the aftermath of the monster earthquake and devastating tsunami which also has led to a nuclear power plant crisis that has the world on the edge of it’s seat.

The robots are called the 510 PackBot and 710 Warrior.

They come from a company called iRobot which is located in Bedford, Massachusetts. The company says that the Japan Ground Self Defense forces or Special Ops requested the robots.

The Japanese are renown for their affection and use of robots in just about every aspect of manufacturing, industry, sports, and entertainment.

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The robots mentioned have been put to the test in other serious disasters both natural and man-made The robots can do several things such as accessing areas man cannot, various times of surveillance, carrying heavy payloads and detecting materials and events outside of human perception.

It’s a given that the robots will enter the nuclear crisis arena at that damaged nuclear power plants and hopefully decrease the risk of human health regarding the radioactive levels there.

Should the robots prove successful the robotics industry will glean more data in order to improve on more uses of such devices. Experts and analysts agree that the advances in robotics to do jobs that are beyond the physical capabilities and safeguards of humans is a direction the future should hold.

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