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RockMelt: New Web Browser

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RockMelt: New Web Browser – We all know how popular social networking has become, and a new web browser is definitely taking advantage of this fact. RockMelt is making use of the fact that the majority of us only really use a handful of our favorite websites. As well as this, the three most popular sites that we use are Twitter, Facebook, and Google. According to reports, the new RockMelt browser allows you to view all of these in one easy to access pane with drop down menus.

Although the browser has not actually been released yet, the creators have already opened up the website for invites so that users are able to use the early versions. Of course, the idea of incorporating social networking with a browser is not a new one, as Flock, which has been around for a good few years now, has thought about the same sort of thing.
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They are certainly not aiming big as of yet, as they have said that they hope to reach one million users whilst the invitations are given out. This is perhaps a very good idea because many companies tend to aim too high and then end up with a very disappointing result. With the popularity of social networking these days it is very likely that RockMelt will be a hugely successful venture. Those who want an invite can take a look at the website to see what they have to do.

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