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Rutgers Student Death – Suicide Puts Focus On Cyberbullying

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Rutgers Student Death – Suicide Puts Focus On Cyberbullying – The death of the Rutgers’ student who was filmed engaging in a sexual encounter with another man, and broadcasted on the internet has caused many to question whether or not the digital age has made the younger generation callous. With so much information available at the click of a button, it is hard to imagine that such a vast resource could be used for such terrible deeds. Social media has a huge effect on the lives of young people, who often share pieces of their life with their social networking friends that they normally would not bring up during conversations.The death of the Rutgers student is, of course, one of the more extreme cases, but it is not the first case of suicide following online social media bullying.

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It can be especially emotional for someone to have their sexual preferences outted for the world to see, which is something that Tyler Clementi obviously struggled with.As online bullying becomes more prevalent with younger generations using social media sites, many have wondered how officials should go about policing these behaviors. Should the school get involved when young kids bully each other online?

They certainly would if the bullying occurred at school, and in some cases the school will become involved with bullying outside of school as well.A number of bills have passed that make cyber bullying illegal and allow for law officials to prosecute individuals who taunt others online. It will be interesting to see how the case of the Rutgers student changes the way that online bullying is perceived, even in the college-aged generation where the jokes can be especially mean.

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