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Ryan Cleary (LulzSec Hacker??) Charged

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The teenager that Scotland Yard busted as a suspect in the cyber attacks on government websites and is a suspected member of such international criminal hacking groups as Anonymous and Lulz Security, is still hitting the news.

Now it’s learned more about the strange behavior of Ryan Cleary, who is looking at insane amounts of time in jail, fines, and lawsuits for his hacking adventures if he’s convicted.

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His mother now says that the 19 year old had been a loner, a recluse, hermit if you will. She also revealed that he once threatened to cut his wrists if she ever turned off his internet access.

Right now he is facing five counts under the Criminal Law and Computer Misuse Acts. Those acts include plotting attacks on the websites of music companies, however he’s not getting off that lightly as the FBI and other international authorities are digging into whether he’s a member of the network of hackers that has attacked the CIA, Sony, Sega, and other government and private industry sites.

His charges are large. He’ll need a great lawyer as just one of the charges will have him behind bars as well as probably broke for the rest of his life.

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