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Samsung Captivate Android

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Samsung Captivate Android – A Samsung phone, titled Captivate, that runs on the Android system will be coming soon, according to an announcement on their website. The phone will be available for customers of AT&T, who have been more or less deprived of Samsung phones in recent years. The phone, which is tailored to gamers who like to use their phones to play video games, allows for a six axis motion sensor, allowing for the user to have as much control as possible while they play. The 3D graphics engine on the phone is also greatly upgraded, and will allow for higher power games to be played on the phone.

The phone will also have access to the Android Market, which will give users the chance to download hundreds of thousands of apps for their phone, that can help them out in many ways. While the Apple app store is still much larger than the Android app store, the Android app store is steadily growing, and brings in much more content than the Apple store on a daily basis, as there are less regulations for developers. The phone will also be able to upload video to YouTube, and will featured the 1 GHz Cortex A8 Samsung application processor, which will run alongside the Android 2.1 operating system.
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The screen, which is 4″ and a touchscreen display, has improved visual design that will make every pixel much clearer. Along with that, there are will be a 5 mega pixel camera that will allow for the user to take crystal clear pictures while using the phone. These features, along with upgraded social networking tools, have made the phone one of the most impressive phones to be announced in recent months.

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