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Samsung Galaxy New Android Tablet: iPad Competitor

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Samsung Galaxy New Android Tablet: iPad Competitor – The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been unveiled, and while it is up there with the iPad and Kindle, it doesn’t really offer much different, nor does it turn any heads in the process. In a market where Apple has dominance, creating what seems to be a lame iPad ripoff won’t make many new customers.

The main differences, it seems, are in it’s size, which, at 7 inches, is larger than the Kindle, but smaller than iPad, the Galaxy’s battery life is less than the iPad, lasting 8 hours compared to the iPad’s 10 hour battery life, and the operating system which runs the hardware.

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The operating system is the Android based 2.2 Froyo. Samsung did wish to the the 3.0 Gingerbread Android operating system, however this was not to be ready in time. There are plans to later upadte the device to this operating system. Samsung’s battle is more to be fought in the operating system area, with the system needing to be easy to use, and the user interface easy to understand and work with.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab goes on sale in Europe in October, with no announcement yet for it’s U.S. release.

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