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Samsung Galaxy Tab Singapore Release Date

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Singapore Release Date – Singapore is in for a treat as a Samsung touch screen tablet computer running on Google’s Android is set to be released on the thirteenth of November.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for purchase in all participating outlets from this date onwards. Not only is this tiny computer incredibly advanced as a computer, but you can also make calls from it and it has Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. Android was originally designed for smart phones, but the version that the Samsung Galaxy runs is specifically designed for tablets.

There is one thing that already makes this tablet stand out from the Apple iPad, and that is the fact that it supports Adobe Flash Player, something that the iPad cannot have without it being jail broken.

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This means that users are not only able to watch their favourite videos on YouTube, but they can also stream movies and TV shows from certain sites. If users are worried about memory capacity they needn’t be, there is a space for a Micro SD card allowing for expansion.

It sports dual cameras for photographs and video recording, as well as video conferencing. There are many applications which are going to be made available for users to purchase too. There is already a lot of buzz surrounding the release, and this is set to be an incredibly popular item just in time for Christmas, it is expected to be on many a wish list!

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