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Samsung Intel Chip Refund Offered

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Samsung Electronics has announced that they will refund the money of whoever has purchased PCs with a faulty chipset made by Intel Corp.

Intel has stated that they recently discovered a problem in the very design of their chipset which is going to cost them around $1 billion in repairs as well as total lost revenue from selling computers with these chips in them.

The fact that they will have to delay the release of a new line of computers with this chip inside means even more money lost for the company.

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Apparently there are six different computers set to be released in Korea as well as one new model in the U.S and the company plans to fully refund anyone who purchased a computer with one of these microprocessors in them.

Intel has released what is now the second generation of their Core processors which are also referred to as “Sandy Bridge” and they combine the ability to process graphics and computing on just one piece of silicon.

There is a problem however with the chipset’s connection to the rest of the PC which could mean a number of issues with the hard-risk as well as DVD drives and other components which the company has made consumers aware of.

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