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Sega Cyber Attack Affected Over 1 Million Users

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The full scope of the hacking attack on the Sega gaming website has the Japanese based company disclosing that about 1.3 million customers have had their personal data stolen from their database.

Although Sega Pass customers are now being told that only their birthdates, emails, and encrypted passwords were stolen and not their payment information, some are wondering if the company is telling the truth.

This year the SonyPlaystation network was hacked in the biggest hacking event in history and they weeks to admit what had gone wrong. Japanese companies appear to operate that way by not divulging the truth until it’s too late or outted by the media.

A spokeswoman for the company apologized for the problem but didn’t say if the Sega Pass would be restarted.

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In a bizarre twist of fate, the LulzSecurity who is infamous for their hacking has advised that they personally will try to go after the hackers.

This is a major change in the hacker wars as LulzSecurity has been a major hacking group all their own and they know the ways the hackers cloak themselves. Now with LulzSecurity on their tails the hacker or hackers might find themselves put behind bars and facing immeasurable lawsuits as well as such lengthy stretches in jail that they’ll locked away for years to come.

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