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*Sponsored Links* Kardashian Online Business ShoeDazzle – is a site that utilizes a monthly shoe membership to deliver shoes to their customers. The site was started by Kim Kardashian, but was not performing as well as you might expect. Despite being heavily advertised both online and on various entertainment networks, many are not seeing the expense as necessary.

The site requires their users to pay $39 per month. You tell them what your preferences are, and they send you a monthly email with 5-6 different shoe selections that are available to you. You then choose the shoe that you like the best, and they send it to you in the mail. Shipping is also included in the monthly fee. The consumer may also ask for a new set of shoe selections before making their choice.

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While the service is about as inexpensive as it gets when it comes to purchasing shoes, they have struggled to keep their head above water.Perhaps the idea of a monthly fee for shoes just does not sit right during these tough economic times. It will be interesting to see if the site can survive the current times, and whether or not it will perform more admirably as the economy starts to recover.

One of the common problems that is reported with the website is that the customer service is terrible. There are numerous reports online of customers attempting to contact them after receiving the wrong shoe or not receiving their shoe selections, and not receiving a reply for several weeks. This combined with the low quality shoes that they deliver, have held the site back from being a success.

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