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Skyhook Google Lawsuit

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Skyhook Google Lawsuit – Skyhook Wireless sued Google on Wednesday, saying that they believed that Google unfairly pressured Verizon Wireless and other partners of theirs into stopping the use of their location based mobile software. They filed another suit stating that Google infringed on their patents for the software, which creates ads that are served to mobile devices.

The suits come at a bad time for Google; they have been closely watched by federal and state antitrust groups that are combing carefully over Google’s business practices. The Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbot, recently announced that he was launching an investigation into Google to see if they were manipulating search results to hurt their competitors.

With all of the increased scrutiny regarding Google, many are wondering how the company will respond. The company has not been shy about developing new products that mimic products that are already on the market. A number of markets Google has been virtually been able to take over after developing their own solutions.

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If it is found that Google has been trying to purposely harm their competitors, it could spell trouble for the world’s most powerful internet company. Google has declined to comment on the matter, and will likely either address the issue in court or will reach an out of court settlement.
With the company under investigation, you would think they would avoid any more actions that can be taken as them trying to illegally hurt competitors. They are constantly trying to break into new markets, and recent reports have suggested that they may be using shady business tactics to do so.

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