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Skype Android 2.1 Devices

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Skype Android 2.1 Devices – Skype is now available for Android devices that have been upgraded to the android 2.1 software. It was on Tuesday that the company unveiled their new application that will allow users to use all of the main Skype features from their mobile device. The app will work over Wi-fi or mobile data connection. In the US, users will only be allowed to make calls of Wi-Fi. The app will be available both in the Android marketplace and on the Skype website.

It was announced earlier in the year that Skype would be available on nine of Verizon’s smart phones. However, the early versions of the app still used the 3G network to make calls. The announcement on Tuesday stated that the new app will be able to make true VoIP calls over Wi-Fi and will not rely on the 3G network to make outgoing calls.
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Those who use Skype on the computer will be able to import all of their contacts and preferences into their app through just a few clicks. Users can also make calls to landline phones and mobile phones for a small fee that is calculated based on the country that you are calling. Skype for Android also supports text messaging and contact synchronization between Skype and the address book for the phone of your choice.
It will be interesting to see how the app revolutionizes the VoIP use on smart phones.

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