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Skype Apple Video Chat App

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Apple users should be happy to hear the news that Skype is planning to bring video chat features for those who use these devices by January of 2011.

Rumors of the news have been circulating around for a while but it was not until recently that it was officially confirmed.

Reports state that the final unveiling of the video compatibility capabilities will be revealed at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show which many people will be going to at the beginning of next year to see what is new.

According to the Skype website, video calls can be generated using both Wi-Fi and 3G, an exciting bit of news for Apple/Skype users.

It is somewhat of a disappointment though that this new version of Skype will only support the video chat feature on iOS 4.0 or higher.

Those who use an iPhone 4, iPod Touch, or iPad will want to know that they can use this feature on Skype as well, connecting even more people in a very big visual way.
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Those who have mobile smartphones will be able to receive screen-sharing from either laptops or desktops, making traveling away from home even more convenient than ever for many people.

The FAQ on Skype mentions nothing about the iPad and it is still unclear whether their new chatting feature will beat Apple to the finish.

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