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Skype, Gmail Targeted By Russian Security Service

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Somebody call the Kremlin!

The Russian security service is out for blood and it’s Google, Gmail, Skype and Hotmail that are the target of the agency who want to ban them all as they’ve been determined to be security threats.

The big boss there, Alexander Andreyechkin made the statements about the heavily used web services stating in no uncertain terms but his intervention is seen by many as government censorship and meddling into internet affairs which is unlikely to be tolerated by the massive dependency the public has there regarding the web.

The Russian agency basically feels that since so much of the internet is regulated and serviced outside of the country that it opens the door for those who would use the web and the various software and technologies to compromise Russian security.

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One wonders what the Russians are afraid of as their crime rate is already outrageous but they’re afraid of what the outside world will do. One might think they’re not worried about the outsiders other than if the outsiders are going to discover the criminal doings behind their digital Iron Curtain.

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