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Skype Outage Blamed On Microsoft Windows Software

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There are plenty of outraged Skype users who had to go without access to the page for nearly 24 hours because of what they call a glitch in their software which led to the outage.

Apparently only users with Microsoft Windows operating systems experienced problems with getting on the website that extended for nearly a full day.

The issue with the software started around a week ago when the servers that are responsible for running offline instant messaging became overloaded and buckled under the strain.

This in turn caused a reaction which resulted in computers receiving delayed responses from the overstrained servers.

Around twenty percent of Skype users could not load the page for around 24 hours and many were outraged and baffled by the problem which they have never had before.
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Skype is known for not experiencing server problems to the point of shutting down, but this was one of those rare cases which ultimately resulted in its crashing for a relatively short period of time.

An estimated total of around 124 million people use Skype; however the actual number of people who are registered to use the software is much larger than that, meaning big problems for the company which tried to explain what happened as best they could.

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