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Social Networking & Gaming: Most Popular on The Web

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Social Networking & Gaming: Most Popular on The Web – Results released by Nielsen Research show that more people are using the internet for things like social networking and gaming, whereas it used to be email and other traditional sites. The study shows that the use of social networking web sites has increased from sixteen percent to twenty three percent in the last year. The study, released on Monday, shows that this is predominantly because of Facebook. As well as this, gaming has risen in popularity through social networking sites and games like Zynga’s FarmVille, which is by far one of the most popular games on the Facebook website.

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An analyst from Nielsen stated that social networking websites have completely changed the way that we actually communicate these days. He also added that people still use the internet for the things that they used to such as checking their mail or reading the latest headlines, but the vast majority turn to social networking websites such as Facebook in order to do this in an environment with people that they know. With Facebook you are able to do everything in one place. For example, if you became a fan of your favourite news source then you would be provided with regular news headlines anyway, meaning that you would not even have to navigate away from the Facebook website.

The gaming aspect of social networking websites like Facebook are just another added bonus that aid the popularity of such sites. Users can interact with their friends and play the games without having to leave the website to do so.

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