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Solar Eclipse 2010 In America July 11

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Solar Eclipse 2010 In America July 11 – A solar eclipse was predicted to start at sunrise in the Cook Islands on July 11, the same day that the World Cup final was taking place. It was unlikely that anything could eclipse the biggest moment in sports, but it appears that it may have actually happened. It will be taking place in the southern Pacific across the French Polynesian islands, according to a report that was released by NASA.
A solar eclipse is when the moon comes between the sun and the earth so that a large portion of the sun’s light is blocked. While things do not usually go completely dark, it certainly does have an effect on the lighting.

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This could cause a conflict of interest for those who want to see both the solar eclipse and the World Cup final. A number of large crowds gathered to see the eclipse as soon as the report was released. The country was distracted from World Cup action for a brief moment while the eclipse could be seen.
The Cook Islands saw tourism boom because of the eclipse, which only usually occur once every one or two years, and almost always in different locations. The nation has known that the eclipse was coming for quite some time, and has used the prediction to their benefit, monetizing the spectacle.
“I am astonished … we have visitors from all around the world, from large groups of Japanese to Americans arriving with daypacks and telescopes,” said one official.

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