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Sony Buying Toshiba Chip Line

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Sony is currently in the process of holding talks with Toshiba to buy back Toshiba’s microchip line which is estimated to sell for around 50 billion yen or 598 million dollars in order to increase the output of their mobile phones as well as cameras.

Sony originally sold the facility to Toshiba for 90 billion yen back in 2008 as part of a strategy which was referred to as “asset light”.

Sony wishes to boost the output of a few different devices so they can offer consumers something a little bit more for their money.

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Sony has expressed the fact that they feel somewhat inferior in terms of the output of their cameras and phones so they want to buy back the microchip which will allow them to stay on top.

Talks have already started between Sony and Toshiba for the buy back and currently all of the financial details are being hammered out and planned.

Sony also wants to raise the CMOS sensor production capacity because of the fact that there is increasing demand for both smart phones and digital cameras alike.

Sony has been named the world second largest maker of digital cameras just behind Canon, Inc which has been leading the industry for a while now.

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