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Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer On iPhone 5

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Oops! It looks like SONY CEO Sir Howard Stringer has spilled the digital beans as he accidentally blabbed to everyone in the free world that image sensors will be supplied with the Apple iPhone 5.

Stringer’s goof up came when he was doing an interview with the Wall Street Journal and had been discussing the damage to 15 of SONY’s plants in Japan due to the massive earthquake of March 11.

He slipped up and mentioned that the image sensors were at one of the damaged plants and would be shipped for the iPhone 5.

That sure let the cat out of the bag as the SONY may be using an 8 megapixel instead of a 5 megapixel camera.

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That would ramp up the devices even more interesting as the 8 megapixel is sharper and can provide for higher quality videos and pictures.

Stringer sure put his foot in his mouth this time as now speculation runs rampant that SONY is replacing OmniVision for supplying cameras to the iPhone and there are stories that support this exciting change. However, with the damage done in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami and now the still unresolved problems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants, delays in getting any components and services from Japan look unlikely to be on time and should things go from worse to worse to the second power we may see some interesting events regarding the iPhone and other devices from Japan.

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