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Sony Network Not Secure Yet

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With tens of millions of users and subscribers still in the dark, Sony Corp’s PlayStation network is still on the blink after weeks of a hacker attack.

At first Sony was negligent in informing the public of what had happened until almost a week after the attacks.

Then they delayed and delayed divulging how serious the attack was and whether subscribers’ personal data had been compromised.

This has led to lawsuits and public embarrassment and a potential monster drop in income for Sony as it has been doing damage control inside and outside the company.

Now it’s learned that after three weeks of this frustration that an expert in such issues has found a handful of security flaws in Sony’s network. The expert, John Bumgarner found a potential large amount of flaws that hackers could exploit and he did it with nothing more than a web browser.

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Bumgarner is a professional in internet security and is a US military special operations veteran.

Bumgarner’s research exposed many options for hackers into Sony’s systems and the company responded but unless they take drastic measures faster there’s no telling when the hackers will strike again.

Rumors abound to as how Sony got compromised in the first place but since no one knows there’s still no telling when the network will be up and running again, if ever again.

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