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Sony New Security Flaw

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It didn’t take Sony long to find another problem to deal with.

The company that had been battling a month long shut down of their popular PlayStation network due to an historic hacker attack has had to shut down the website they put up that was helping customers of their network.

Sony’s PlayStation network had been home to almost 100 million users worldwide and was down for the count for almost a month as hackers had had their way with it.

Sony was criticized for not alerting the public to the problem fast enough nor alerting the public to the fact that some of their personal information might have been compromised.

It took Sony several weeks to get their network up and running to some degree but then had to shut down their own website that focused on helping users with their network.

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That’s a setback that doesn’t give much confidence to Sony at present and the sheer scope of the attack that rendered their network helpless may have cost tens of millions of dollars to be lost from Sony and their support retailers who sell everything from games to accessories.

Add to all that their CEO Howard Stringer who recently shot back at critics regarding the company’s handling of the hacking problem, Sony still has a way to go to get things done right and hopefully before the Christmas holiday season.

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