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Sony PlayStation On Hacker Response

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Their PlayStation may be back up and running and so is their arrogance as it’s reported that SONY Corp’s CEO Howard Stringer isn’t sorry about the way the company handled the hacking attack on their popular network that serves close to 100 million people.

A few weeks ago Sony’s other top bosses bowed in apology to the public for the hacker attack and their delays in informing the public about the attack and their loss of customers’ personal data.

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Customers and users were furious beyond words at the delays and side stepping by Sony and now their CEO is firing back at the critics.

Stringer’s justification for his defense is that he notes how attacks happen at companies around the world often and some never tell the public unless they have to.

He also cited that 43% of companies that are hacked don’t tell their customers until a month later.

Stringer says at least they got back to customers in a week. However, the public notes that Sony didn’t tell it all at first but put out information little by little even when they had data.

This was the biggest hacking attack in internet history and the jury is still out on who did what and if any other networks are vulnerable.

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