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Sony Sites Face More Security Issues

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Sony is in even more trouble as another hacking attack has hit the company.

After a month long battle with hackers that had brought the Sony Playstation network to it’s knees, Sony rallied it’s forces to get the network back online but not after 77 million users felt the brunt of the attack.

Personal information and credit card information had been compromised and utter chaos ensued with businesses that produced support for the network such as sales of hardware, software, services and more.

Now Sony says that a Sony website that was viewed in Thailand was hacked and redirected users to a a fake Italian credit card company. It used the fraudulent twist to steal credit card and user information from the unsuspecting populace.

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This latest attack shows that somehow someone or some group has a grudge out for Sony and that a combination of things is going on whereby the malicious and the bored as well as the opportunists are taking shots at Sony.

Security experts from numerous sources say that Sony sites are still open to security flaws and Sony has got to get it’s gear together or these attacks will persist.

Now it’s a good time for Sony, it’s customers should team up and plug up these holes together in the first online security cooperative.

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