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Space Crews and Discovery Farewell

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It’s goodbye to the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the team at the International Space Station as the Shuttle is on it’s way to end it’s final voyage after almost 30 years of operation.

Discovery has the record for the most used spacecraft ever and will be mothballed after this mission. It’ will probably be stripped down and put on display at one of the museums so that future generations can have a look at the most expensive workhorse in human history.

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The final mission totals 13 days which brings the total time the ship has been in space almost a year if one combines all the hours and days of the past 30 years.

Discovery is due for a Wednesday landing that is sure to be met with much celebration. This will almost end the Space Shuttle era as the final shuttle missions are due this year with Endeavor.

After that it’s goodbye to the Space Shuttle and the U.S. Is going to have to come up with other means of delivering cargo and handling space missions.

The public is still wondering after 50 years of manned space flight what will be next since no replacement for the Shuttle has been announced.

Speculation has been rampant that there are top secret spacecraft that the Americans haven’t revealed yet but that’s something that will be addressed down the road.

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