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Spaceport $200K Flights

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In the old days people predicted that by the year 2000 AD that Americans would be living and doing business in outer space with ease.

Well, that’s a way off the mark prediction but with the new Virgin Galactic sub orbital tourist business about to launch by 2013 it’s getting closer.
The company is so far charging $200,000 per person for a two hour flight into outer space.

They’re doing more test runs and are taking deposits right now.

Hundreds of people have put down deposits and when the venture goes full bloom will we see a fleet of these spacecraft taking off and landing like some outer space Grand Central Station.

Virgin Galactic company reps say they intend to expand and get the costs down but so far the flights will only have tourists in weightless space for only five minutes of the 2 hour cruise.

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That might be a big moment of bragging rights but people are going to want more than just five minutes of weightlessness to really enjoy being in outer space.

They’ll want to play tennis and jump around and really get the feeling of being in space and as the company grows there should be more efficient craft developed to take more than just six people each flight.

If the venture proves to be a big moneymaker then NASA and other companies like Google might invest in more space ventures where the public can enjoy the experience.

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