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Spain Arrests Anonymous Members

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Spain’s cops are on the ball in the war against cyber hacking as they’ve busted three suspected members of the infamous group Anonymous, charging them with cyber attacks against websites, banks, governments and more.

These arrests so far are said not to have anything to do with the recent massive attack against the Sony Playstation network.

Anonymous has sent out warnings that they plan on retaliation by saying, “We are Legion, so EXPECT US,” that they put out via their official Twitter feed.

Hold on a second, a group that has attacked major government institutions, multi billion dollar corporations, religions and organizations has its own Twitter feed?

Anyhow the Spanish cops are wracking up the charges on the hackers and the number of charges will find these chaps sitting behind bars for most of their lives at a minimum. Add to that, they may eextradited to face charges levied by numerous governments around the world.

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Anonymous has been a plague to banks, governments, religions and other groups for years now and claim responsibility for a number of cyberattacks that has crippled entire networks and more costing billions of dollars worth of damage.

However the cyber cops are zeroing in and quickly as recently Scotland Yard joined in and caught some hackers. Once caught these hackers get a reality check by the cops who let them know on conviction they’re looking at decades in jail, government time, minimum but maximum jail time and since some of these hackers are in their 20s and early 30s, sitting in a maximum security prison for perhaps the rest of their lives and facing lawsuits in the hundreds of millions of dollars often, if not every time brings the hackers to cutting a plea deal and they rat out their fellow hackers which leads to bigger fish getting caught.

For the Spanish police to have scored this coup, it’s a good bet the hackers had been nailed long before they were alerted and that their fellow hackers have been under surveillance for a long time and it’s just a matter of time before the cops haul them in.

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