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*Sponsored Links* Scam – Well it’s no big news that there are websites out there that are a total invasion of privacy. Anyone who has been brought up and well educated when it comes to computers has learned that there are hackers and computer exploiters that would love to take your money. Well this site “Spokeo” you might find is no different than a genuine computer hacker really. If you’re a member of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace you might want to start looking out for what kind of information you freely add to your profile thinking nobody is really watching.

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Spokeo is said to be thoroughly digging through any information it kind find on your family, your hobbies, credit ratings, phone numbers, just about everything. Why would I possibly want anyone to know about my credit score? Seems pretty personal to me and hey if I fell behind on a couple of my payments, it’s none of anyone’s concern or business right? You might feel the same way and Spokeo is beginning to look like a huge privacy invasion. Spokeo is even charging for the service too! This might make you feel a little better, knowing not all of this information is not just freely given out to the public, but think about what kind of weirdo is going to pay for a service in order to get information on you! It’s a pretty scary thought. Not to mention that a good chunk of your information can be looked up at the click of a button without a fee! Paying only gives you even more access and more detailed information. Honestly, I don’t see why we need sites like this. Virtual phone books, sure. That’s a name, phone number, and address. Going this far with things feels like a huge invasion of my privacy though.

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