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SQL Injection Cyber Attack On Million Websites

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Today another incident showed just how dangerous cyberspace can be as a massive attack on websites took place sending people scrambling to do damage control.

The numbers may be in the millions or tens of millions of websites hit by what’s referred to as a mass-injection attack are now appearing.

Word is that the attack was first detected by a company called WebSence that is a security firm. The new internet menace is called “LizaMoon” because the first injected domain was called

The infection comes from a SQL Injection that adds malicious script to those websites that have been compromised. was the first site that got hit and now others are victims and the problem spreading.

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The way to battle this menace is to not install something called “Windows Stability Center”. It’s one of those malware programs that says you’ve got a bug on your computer and you need to install the software to protect yourself.

So don’t install anything unless you go to the manufacturer’s website and get it from them first.

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