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Steve Jobs Chilean Miners Free iPods Gift

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The 33 miners’ worst nightmare of being buried alive for almost 70 days has now turned into some kind of a dream where they are being showered with gifts and can more or less get whatever they desire.

The local heroes first received a check for five million Chilean pesos each, about 10k, from Leonardo Farkas, who is a mining billionaire, a former pianist and ex Chilean presidential candidate.

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The avalanche of gifts continued when the employees and managers of Greek mine called Elmin presented them with a trip to the Greek islands and Cristiano Ronaldo sent them autographed jerseys.

And we are now learning that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has jumped on bandwagon of gift giving by sending “los 33” iPods so they can listen to their favorite music.

Jobs met with the president of Chile Sebastián Piñera during a recent trip in the United States and turned over the devices for him to distributed to the group.

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