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Steve Jobs Says Tablets Will Replace PCs

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Steve Jobs Says Tablets Will Replace PCs – CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said the amount of computers that are working with Microsoft’s operating system is definitely at a downfall and this assertion was met with surprising agreement.

In Tuesday’s conference with D: All Things Digital, the Apple CEO stated that Windows PCs will decline in popularity since there are so many other effective ways people connect to the Internet and experience the subject matter.

Steven Jobs compared the Personal computer to trucks. He proclaimed that cars and trucks were pervasive when most people resided on farms. The importance of cars and trucks were devaluated when nearly all of the population moved to urban centers.

Other technology executives listening to Mr. Jobs speak seemed to concur. This points to the speed spread of smartphones and other devices connecting to the Internet. This also includes those devices that are manufactured by Apple and Google.
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Due to poor security, batteries not lasting very long, and poor useablility, Mr Jobs said these are major drawbacks to the PC. The apple ipad doesn’t need a keyboard and isn’t meant for creating documents. But Mr. Jobs said that the product would evolve.

Another senior technology executive said that if the iPad relied on finger presses instead of mouse clicks, workers would revert to using other devices.

When asked if this is the end for Windows PCs, Mr. Jobs said “Yes. But it will be a long time coming.”
Microsoft customer relations executive, Dan’l Lewin, concurred that a lots of great new devices will be in use in the future.

But more of these type of devices being used in the marketplace will not slow Microsoft down in the least.
Following-up on Mr Jobs’ car and truck analogy, he said: “There are actually more trucks now than ever before.”

Last week Apple surpassed Microsoft’s value in the in stock market value. This was an amazing comback for Apple that Mr Jobs referred to as”surreal”. The corporation has asserted that consumers possess fewer than10 percent of the overall market.

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