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Steve Jobs Slams Adobe Flash

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Steve Jobs Slams Adobe Flash – Steve Jobs has commented that flash will not be going on iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches. Steve Jobs has said once before that he isn’t a fan of Flash. He has made the final decision to announce that they will never use Flash on any of their Apple products. Flash has been demanded by users of the iPhone and iTouch for quite some time now and the iPad is sure to have some concern with Flash capabilities being obsolete. However, Jobs says that their gadgets won’t have Flash, ever.

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Steve Jobs has been heavily criticized for what he announced but he was able to counter the criticism with a rather long letter that he wrote to address everyone’s concerns. Rather than reading the entire letter, it’s easier to sum up the details. Basically, Steve Jobs feels that you would never be able to have complete control of the Flash operations. He said that the Flash program doesn’t seem to cooperate with Apple products. He even described that during testing Flash would reportedly crash at random moments. His biggest concern was the strain that it puts on battery life. He said that with flash incorporated, any use of it would diminish battery life to a great extent. Steve Jobs also went further into detail to explain that there were security issues with Flash as well.
This will be unfortunate news for a lot of iPhone, iTouch and iPad users as well as developers of the Flash program. There have been hundreds of games and applications for Apple’s products that were designed for Flash operations that will sadly, never be able to be used. Now, people won’t be able to play them unless Steve Jobs changes his mind.

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