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Super WiFi: FCC OK With White Spaces Usage

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Super WiFi: FCC OK With White Spaces Usage – Get ready for the new age of internet browsing. The FCC recently opened the doors to what has been described as “super Wi-Fi,” which will use the “white spaces” in airwaves to provide users with wireless internet and other services. They had been set aside to prevent interference, and were originally going to be used for public consumption.
The Federal Communications Commission voted 5 to 0 to adopt rules that would determine how the excess airwaves can and cannot be used. This frees up the airwaves and could potentially spur billions in economic growth.

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Although the spectrum is already being used for a number of things, the ability to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to the spectrum will open the world of tech up for nation-wide services.
The spectrum was officially opened up in November 2008, but the FCC is just now getting around to creating the guidelines for their usage. Those who have supported the opening up of the white spaces have mostly been consumer activists, who argue that the spectrum can be used for economic gains. Meanwhile, producers and announcers have been against opening up the airwaves in fear that it would cause interference.
Eventually, these white spaces could replace Wi-Fi technology and change the way that we look at the world from a tech standpoint. There are many things that the airwaves could be used for, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface.

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