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Supermoon Caused Tsunami?

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Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Moon!

That’s the comical look at the recent spate of quakes and disasters summed up by the Washington Post writer Alexandria Petri. Some may take it too seriously as a mild yet growing concern over the upcoming real phenomenon called a Super Moon that will occur on March 19 of this year.

For those unfamiliar, a Super Moon is a rare occasion that occurs when the Moon is closest to earth in about 18-19 years called “perigee”.

When a planet or other spatial body comes closest to another it is referred to as “perigee”. In this case not only will the Moon be in perigee, it will be a full moon thus calling it a Super Moon.

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Some experts and average folks suspect that the proximity of the Moon may cause unusual weather and tectonic events such as the quakes of recent. This Washington Post story takes a playful look at the phenom but it’s not something to be taken too lightly.

There may well be some evidence that such a close encounter with our Moon does indeed have an affect on some things on Earth. We’ll have to wait and see what actually transpires.

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