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*Sponsored Links* – New Help Site TaskRabbit (Task Rabbit) – Taskrabbit is on the cutting edge of new technology. Could the site solve the unemployment problem in the United States? No, but it certainly will help many jobless Americans find work for themselves. The website offers quick jobs and fast cash for over 300 different runners. The site connects people who do not have the time to run errands and make small trips locally, and instead decide to hire people to do it for them, and the people who are looking for work, known as runners.
Nearly 70 percent of the runners on the site are unemployed or do not have enough work to sustain themselves. The site is all about the quick buck, but it is legitimate work for people who are having a tough time finding work.

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Right now, the service is only running in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, but could expand if the site continues to see success. The company currently has more than 1,000 fans on their Facebook page, and continues to grow steadily. The next move could be in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and Washington DC. Los Angeles is also an option for the rapidly expanding company.
If you would like them to consider expanding their service to your city, you may want to consider writing in and telling them that you are interested, and having your friends do the same. They will only be expanding to areas where they already know that there is interest.

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