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Texas Powerful

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Texas Powerful – An appliance website that was focused around North Texans who would be looking to get a rebate for their purchases that they made on major household appliances received some unexpected overloads Wednesday morning. It appears that the website saw such an increase in traffic that it apparently crashed and the phone lines were busy for hours. The credit for this successful change in the websites features and marketing goes to the Powerful Smart for Texans program. An extensive program that was trying to help customers in the Texas area receive a total of over $20 million dollars of rebates. That was their goal however it seems that they are off to a magnificent start. Of course, these are for customers that bought household everyday appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, air purifiers, washing machines, or dishwashers and in the meantime working on recycling their old appliances and equipment that they had before the change.

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The program works by requiring customers to fill out a form that in return will qualify them for a rebate, or in other words a reservation and then they will have the chance to get their money back. The first day the program launched all of the demand from customers seems to have completely overwhelmed their website and customer support lines. The country is in a recession, and people are going to want to receive the money that is available to them, so how can you expect otherwise.

You can go to the website at
Momentarily, the website is displaying a message telling consumers that the system is currently unavailable and you are encouraged to try the programs telephone support lines. Something interesting is that the website also states that they have only gotten to their first $1 million dollars and there is still $19 million dollars worth of rebates to give out. If you are curious how a website could find the money to support such amounts of money, it is coming form the federal governments stimulus program.

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