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The Blaze Glenn Beck New Website: Theblaze.Com

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The Blaze Glenn Beck New Website: Theblaze.Com – The Blaze Glenn Beck’s news website infos can be found here.
Glenn Beck is seriously capitalizing on the 87 000 people who attended his “Restoring Honor” rally.
The TV host who made over $32 million last year has launched a new website called which can be found at the following address is more or less a news portal with a unique take on headlines and breaking news of the day.

Mr Beck explained that he was really angry by the way the media covered his rally which was attended by less than 90000 folks so he launched his own site to cover breaking news his own way and make few million dollars while he is at it.

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The controversial figure picked the name because the image is very powerful and “It has long stood for a burning truth. A truth that is not consumed. The Blaze will pursue truth.”

The Blaze will be edited by Scott Baker who who hails from Breitbart TV and “The B-Cast” explains that the site will cover mainly political news and will have opinion pieces.
Rally? Website? Do all of these things mean that Beck is preparing to run in 2012?

For the fun of it here is the finale answer as to how many people attended the rally?
-Fox News and Beck say between 300,000 and 650,000 people –
-CBS News between 78,000 and 96,000.
-Boston University Center for Remote Sensing say about 837,000.

God is the only one with the answer.

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