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The Flintstone Characters 50th Anniversary: New Google Doodle LOGO

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The Flintstone Characters 50th Anniversary: New Google Doodle LOGO – Google is known for drawing attention to the anniversaries of pop culture icons, and now they have once again changed their logo to reflect the fact that it is the Flintstones 50th anniversary today. The show has been a mainstay in pop culture throughout its existence. One thing that many do not know about the show is that Fred and Wilma Flintstones were the first on screen couple to share a bed in the history of television. The fact is likely little known because it was a cartoon, but that does not change the fact that the Flintstones were willing to take television to places that it had never been before.

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The show portrayed a modern working class family that lived in 50,000 BC alongside dinosaurs in a town named Bedrock. Some believe that the show was influenced by the 1950’s TV show named “They Honeymooners” that had a similar cast and plot lines.
The show was produced by Hanna-Barbara productions and first aired on September 30th, 1960. If you click on the Google logo today, which features a number of the characters from the show, you will be taken to a search page that displays information regarding the 50th anniversary of the “Flintstones.”
It is nice to see Google pay tribute to a show that many do not know shaped the way that television is viewed today.

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