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TMobile G2 Phone: New Android Smartphone Confirmed

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TMobile G2 Phone: New Android Smartphone Confirmed – T-Mobile’s new Android smartphone, the G2, has yet to be debuted but is supposed to be accompanied by the roll out of a promotional site. The page went up live for a short amount of time, but was quickly shut down.

The site then reopened with a number of very general paragraphs and a sign up form that allowed consumers to receive information about the phone. It is not currently clear if the page was launched ahead of schedule in error before being taken down, or if the company simply changed their minds about debuting the phone on the website at that time.

The phone will offer tight integration with Google services and will be the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds. The information will be delivered over their brand new HSPA+ network. The company also said that they would be sharing more details regarding the phone over the course of the next few weeks.

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It is not clear what their plan for the future is, but T-Mobile successful created a frenzy around their phone by launching the site and then almost immediately taking it down. The term “G2” quickly rose to the top of Google’s most searched terms for a short period of time, proving once again that any promotion is good promotion, even when done in error.

The device will be the first one that T-Mobile has designed specifically for their new network. It is touted as the fastest network currently available for smartphones, and now phones are being developed to handle the 4G speeds that the network will deliver.

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