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Toshiba Cell-based TV

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Toshiba has created the ultimate TV called Cell-based TV that contains a combination of a powerful Cell microprocessor with the chip that sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3 games console.
A prototype of the television was presented at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show and apparently the results are impressive.
Hiroaki Komaki, a specialist at Toshiba’s core technology center in Tokyo said:
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The first and perhaps most relevant benefit of putting the Cell inside a television is the ability to handle real-time upscaling of standard definition TV to high-def. With more and more HDTV channels, we get more and more used to the crisp, sharp quality offered by HD and that makes standard definition look poor. With a Cell-powered TV you’d be able to enjoy regular channels in higher quality much closer to that of HD.
The upscaling doesn’t stop there. The same feature can be used to zoom in on an area of an HDTV picture, enlarge that single area, and then improve it’s image quality. Imagine zooming in on a home movie of a sports event and getting closer to the action.

The Cell also makes it possible to easily navigate a number of video channels simultaneously. In a demo at CES, the chip was streaming 48 chapters from a standard-definition video file in real-time, with each appearing as a video thumbnail on the screen. Clicking on one of the clips would bring it up on the lower half of the screen, with 16 chapters still running in the upper half. Another push on the button would move it to full screen.

No date on the availability of the Cell-based TV for the moment.

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