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*Sponsored Links* – has brought a new style to the web and is allowing women to express their emotions to the world. The website is said to allow women to vent and release their frustrations about anything that they desire to tell people about. You can go ahead and confess yourself and people won’t tell a soul. Well, them not knowing your identity and the viewers being from all around the world is nice to know as well. You should probably delete your browser history after you go confessing all of the terrible things you have done wrong in your life, you wouldn’t want someone logging in after you and finding out all about your secrets. Something like this might be a little scary if you are revealing something big, there is always the possibility that someone tracks your IP address just to know your identity.

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The site works by being divided up into different sections sot hat everyone can confess what they have to say to different genres of people. To start, moms will have their own section so that they can express their feelings on how their children are behaving and everything else. Who knows, maybe the conversations will help some parents better manage their children so that they won’t need to confess the terrible things they did to punish them. If you regret marrying your husband, if you’re secretly having an affair, if you are a gambler, alcoholic, or drug addict and no one knows it this is the place where you can go to tell the world. Maybe people who are living behind a life of lives will have the opportunity to get things off of their chest, even if you don’t know the people you’re confessing to.

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