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Twitter Injunction Claims

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British privacy laws in the media are in turmoil as a Twitter user published the names of celebrities it’s reported had asked their personal information not be released.

The celebs had ordered injunctions to prevent their personal information from being disclosed and the mainstream media is forbidden from publishing such actions but the web is different and the Twitter user who published the data is immune.

These super-injunctions as they’re called are used by celebs to squash information they don’t want others to know about such as personal scandals.

The issue heated up more as on Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights had dismissed a case from motorsport chief Max Mosley who had hoped to reign in the press after news about a sex scandal regarding him was exposed.

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The court figures that if Mosley had won it would have been a hedge up for the super rich who could afford the injunctions to bridle the freedom of the press.

There are two sides to this story here. Celebrities are citizens too with the same rights as the average person, however, their high profile status makes them a target for those who wish to capitalize on their fame by divulging every tidbit of information about their normal human foibles.

If Celebs have to go to such extremes as spending excess capital to vindicate themselves from scandalous rumor protected by the freedom of the press yet are not afforded the same privacy as the common folk they might reconsider the massive charitable contributions they make to those same people.

If they withheld those contributions it could be devastating to the various governments that allow their privacy to be abridged.

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