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Twitter Promoted Accounts – New Advertising Product

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Twitter Promoted Accounts – New Advertising Product – Twitter has announced that they will be launching a new service that will be called “Promoted Accounts.” The company will launch their newest advertising product Tuesday at the IAB Conference in New York. The idea will be relatively straightforward and will better allow the company to capitalize on their victors. This will give brands more followers and therefore, more visibility on the social networking service.

The plan first made its way online several months ago. It was not immediately clear how they planned to implement the service, and how the accounts themselves would be promoted. Promoted Tweets are bringing in nearly $100,000 now, and the company is looking for other ways to capitalize on all of the visitors that make their way to the website on a daily basis.

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Promoted Accounts will be geared toward users that, through their Tweets, have shown that they are receptive to certain bands. If you are a member of a basketball group, you will likely receive ads that have to do with sports, mostly basketball.
It will be interesting to see how everything comes together for Promoted Accounts. If successful, brands will be able to use the feature to gain followers who are genuinely interested in their product. It will serve as a great medium for brands that are struggling to find a following on Twitter, or expand the following that they already have.

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