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Twitter’s New Feature : Suggestions for You

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Twitter’s New Feature : Suggestions for You – On Friday Twitter unveiled a new feature called ‘Suggestions for You’. The new move allows users to see the profiles of people who they may be interested in, in order to encourage them to follow each other. Currently, there are millions of people who use Twitter on a daily website. The social networking website exploded with popularity last year after a number of very high profile celebrities began using it to update friends, family, and fans with their day to day routines and goings on. Today, it seems as though the whole world has a Twitter account.

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When you first join up to the website you generally search for pages that you would be interested in. However, finding all of these pages could be difficult, as stated on the blog. This is why this new feature could prove to be hugely successful.

The new feature allows you to see many different profiles that you could be interested in, but haven’t searched for before. This is not only good for you as a user, but it is also good for those trying to gain more followers or gain more exposure through the website. It seems as though today the majority of famous people have a Twitter account, as do the general public. There are many advantages to the new feature. One of these advantages is that you are able to be introduced to new music, people, films, TV shows, and many, many more.

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