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UberTwitter Suspended On Twitter

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The battle appears to be on as Twitter has suspended both UberMedia’s “UberTwitter” and “twidroyd” , which are apps for mobile use and Twitter access.

It was due to a violation of Twitter policies that the giant social networking site put the stop to both apps. Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner pointed out that the violations included such as privacy issues with the Direct Messages being longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement and the alteration of users’ content for profit.

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The UberMedia’s user numbers weren’t disclosed by the company but it may be huge considering Twitter has an estimated 200 million registered users.

UberMedia CEO Bill Gross discussed the problem and that how the changes asked by Twitter were very small and that UberMedia was complying and new apps being posted. In addition, the company will be changing it’s name to UberSocial instead of UberTwitter to avoid the trademark problems.

Gross told his customers the new apps will be available as soon as Twitter reactivates them.

Tensions between the companies are several and UberMedia which makes it’s money by building a portfolio of Twitter add-ons is reportedly in talks with TweetDeck a top popular Twitter client for acquisition.

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